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VanPelt Corbett Bellows Our Company

Since 1978 Van Pelt Corbett Bellows has been owned & managed by working court reporters. This means our planners and decision makers maintain daily contact with attorneys and legal staff. We understand what you do, how you do it, and how we fit into the picture.

We also understand the needs of court reporters. Reporting remains a challenging and often times stressful profession. We've built a team of reporters who thrive on challenge and are driven to excel. We give them the support, tools, and time they need to do what they do best: produce meticulously prepared transcripts, constantly refine their reporting skills, and build solid relationships with the clients they serve.

We developed all of our systems with our clients’ needs in mind.
Clients suggested or requested some. We came up with others to solve clients’ problems. We spend lots of time keeping abreast of the latest developments in litigation support in order to select and implement services that increase attorney, legal support professional, and court reporter efficiency and effectiveness.

Our goals remain the same: to provide the best possible service to our clients. Let’s work together!